Turn Key Homes of Maine is now offering Keiser Homes!

keiser newsWestern Maine homebuyers will be interested to learn that Turn Key Homes of Maine, located on Route 26 in Oxford has recently begun to sell modular homes built by Keiser, also of Oxford. Turn Key Homes of Maine has ordered two homes, which are currently in production, from Keiser with the intent of having them set and open for tours for the Oxford Hills Manufactured Housing Show, April 23-25.

Turn Key Homes of Maine not only sells modular homes, they have their own trucks to haul modular sections and their own installation crew to set modular homes. “We are the only builder in Maine that has the capability to take delivery of the customer’s home directly from the factory, truck it to the home site, and erect the home without using subcontractors,” explained Todd Truman, founder and president of Turn Key Homes of Maine, “That makes us unique in the industry and allows us to ensure the quality of the finished home to a much higher degree than other modular builders.”